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Kirsty Gunn was born in Wellington in 1960. Her father was Scottish born but her mother was a New Zealander. She studied at Queen Margaret College and at Victoria University in Wellington and then took an M. Phil. at Oxford University. She has worked as a fashion journalist and a teacher. She is currently Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Dundee.

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1995 Rain (novel)
1997 The Keepsake (novel)
1999 This Place You Return to Is Home (novel)
2002 Featherstone (novel)
2006 The Boy and the Sea (novel)
2007 44 Things (reflections)
2012 The Big Music (novel)
2014 Infidelities (stories)
2016 Notes towards a National Literature
2016 My Katherine Mansfield Project
2018 Caroline’s Bikini (novel)