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Lloyd Jones was born in 1955 in Lower Hutt. After graduating from Victoria University, he became a journalist. As well as novels, he has written short stories, essays and a children’s book. He shot to fame when Mister Pip was tipped to win The Man Booker Prize in 2007.

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Lloyd Jones
Lloyd Jones
Lloyd Jones


1985 Gilmore’s Diary (novel)
1988 Splinter (novel)
1991 Swimming to Australia and Other Stories
1993 Biografi: An Albanian Quest (US: Biografi: A Traveller’s Tale) (travel)
1997 This House Has Three Walls (novellas)
1998 Choo Woo (novel)
2000 The Book of Fame (novel)
2002 Here at the End of the World We Learn to Dance (novel)
2002 Barefoot Kings (photographs by John McDermott, text by Jones)
2003 Napoleon and the Chicken Farmer (children)
2004 Paint Your Wife (novel)
2006 Mister Pip (novel)
2010 Hand Me Down World (novel)
2011 The Man in the Shed (stories)
2013 A History of Silence (memoir)
2018 The Cage (novel)
2022 The Fish (novel)