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Albert Wendt was born in 1939 in Apia, Samoa. His father was a plumber. He studied in New Zealand, taking an M.A. in history from Victoria University, Wellington, where his thesis was on the Mau, the Samoan independence movement. He worked as a teacher and university lecturer and then professor in Samoa, Fiji and New Zealand. He has written, drama, poetry, stories and novels as well as critical works on South Pacific literature. He has also made a film.

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Albert Wendt
Albert Wendt


1973 Traders (story)
1973 Sons for the Return Home (novel)
1974 Flying-Fox in a Freedom Tree (stories)
1975 Inside Us the Dead (poems)
1976 The Angry Young Men of Oceania: Young Writers and Artists are Leading a Cultural Reawakening in the Pacific
1977 Pouliuli (novel)
1979 Leaves of the Banyan Tree (US: The Banyan)
1984 Shaman of Visions: Poems
1986 The Birth and Death of the Miracle Man: A Collection of Short Stories
1991 Ola
1992 Black Rainbow
1995 Photographs
1999 The Best of Albert Wendt’s Short Stories
1999 The Birth and Death of the Miracle Man and Other Stories
2002 The Book of the Black Star (poetry)
2003 The Mango’s Kiss (novel)
2004 The Songmaker’s Chair (drama)
2009 The Adventures of Vela (novel in verse)
2011 Declaration of Independence (chapbook)
2012 Ancestry (stories)
2013 From Manoa to a Ponsonby Garden (poetry)
2015 The Songmakers Chair (drama)
2015 Breaking Connections (novel)
2015 Out of the Vaipe, the Deadwater : A Writer’s Early Life