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Long-Lost Manuscripts & Other Antiquities
List of Novels About Art
Art in Fiction
Art in Fiction
Art and Artists in Fiction
Art Booklist
Novels About Art, Artists and The Art World
Artists in Fiction
Artists in Fiction
Paintings & Artists
Struggling Artists
Ian MacKenzie’s top 10 artworks in novels
The Fictional World of Archives, Art Galleries and Museums
Conservation Fiction
Ten of the best concerts
Music in Fiction
Music in Fiction
Music Fiction
Musical Fiction
Musical Fiction
Joyce Hackett’s top 10 musical novels
Music & Fiction Booklist
Musical Fiction
Bibliografia di letteratura e musica (in Italian)
Ten of the best pianos in literature
Literary band names
List of fictional music groups
List of fictional musical works
Opera – A Novel Approach
Reggie Nadelson’s top 10 jazz books
Rock & Roll
Tiffany Murray’s top 10 rock’n’roll novels
Howl’s Moving List of Rock and Roll Novels
Six Essential Rock Fiction Reads
Wrapped Up in Books: A Guide to Rock Novels
Literary Rock Band Names
Songs Inspired by Books
Songs Inspired by Books
List of songs that retell a work of literature
Theater /acting World
List of fictional plays
Ten of the best disastrous performances
Ten best Hamlets
Shakespeare in Fiction
Titles from Shakespeare (Works whose titles are taken from Shakespeare)
List of titles of works based on Shakespearean phrases
Matt Haig’s top 10 novels influenced by Shakespeare
Hollywood novels
List of Hollywood novels
Ten of the best visits to the cinema in literature
25 best book to film adaptations
Based on the Book ( films based on books)