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Author Author Booklist (novels about authors)
Ten of the best novels about novelists
100 Must-Read Books about Books
10 Novels about Novelists
Joshua Henkin’s Ten Terrific Novels About Writers, Writing, and the Writing Life
Poets Booklist
Novels About Poets
Are there any good novels about poets?
Ten of the best: fictional poets
Colum McCann’s top 10 novels on poets
Michael Symmons Roberts’s top 10 verse novels
List of book titles taken from literature
Books with Titles Taken from Literature
Book titles taken from literature and song?
12 Famous Book Titles That Come From Poetry
Book Titles Based on Lines of Poetry or Plays
Matthew Pearl’s top 10 books inspired by Edgar Allan Poe
Titles from Poetry: Blake vs Marvell
Book titles taken from T.S. Eliot’s writing
John Mullan’s 10 of the best: TS Eliot quotes as titles
Shakespeare in Fiction
Titles from Shakespeare (Works whose titles are taken from Shakespeare)
List of titles of works based on Shakespearean phrases
Matt Haig’s top 10 novels influenced by Shakespeare
Best Book Titles
Most Poetic Book Titles
The Most Cryptic Titles in Literature (And What They Mean)
Rejected titles
The Original Titles Of 15 Classic Novels
Books about Books (scroll down – on right)
Novels about Book Clubs
Books About Reading Groups
List of fictional books
Books That Never Were
The Invisible Library
The Invisible Library
Short Takes On Books That Don’t Exist
The Greatest European Novels By Contemporary Writers (none of which exists)
Which are the best books that never existed? (books that only appear in other books)
Stanislaw Lem’s fictitious criticism of nonexisting books
The 10 Best Fictional Bookstores in Pop Culture
Top 10 Books Written by Librarians
Libraries and Librarians
Librarians as Characters In Fiction
Librarian Lit – Librarians Are People Too
A Peek Inside the Libraries of Famous Writers
Ten of the best Libraries in literature
Writers/Publishing Industry
Author Pseudonyms
Top 10 literary hoaxes
Books with extensive, fake sources
Long-Lost Manuscripts & Other Antiquities
Terence Blacker’s top 10 tales of literary villainy
50 Greatest Villains In Literature
100 Best First Lines from Novels
Dan Rhodes’s top 10 short books
The 20th Century’s Most Reclusive Authors
Famous for the wrong book
The Best 100 Opening Lines From Books
10 Best-Selling Books That Were Originally Rejected
Twentieth Century American Poetry Reading List: 100 Plus

Authors’ First Books

First Books By American Writers 1786-1984
Authors’ First Books
10 Literary one-hit wonders
10 Literary one-hit wonders; 10 Spectacular second novels; 10 Cursed second novels