Three list books

Firsts Magazine took three of the lists – the Random House 100 best novels of the century list, the Waterstone’s 100 greatest list and the Radcliffe Publishing Course Top 100 Novels of the 20th Century – and combined them coming up with two separate lists – this one which is the books that appear in all three lists and a separate one of books appearing in two of the lists. Twenty-one made it in all three. Points were given for position in the list and the final listing was by ascending order of points. Note that there is only one woman and that all have been, at least for part of their lives, American or British citizens. One writer – Forster – has three entries and one – Orwell – two. None was born in the second half of the century and only four – Heller, Salinger, Vonnegut and Rushdie – were alive when the list was prepared.

1Joyce, JamesUlysses41611
2Fitzgerald, F. ScottThe Great Gatsby122115
3Steinbeck, JohnThe Grapes of Wrath910321
4Orwell, George1984213924
5Heller, JosephCatch-22571527
6Huxley AldousBrave New World1551636
7Nabokov, VladimirLolita314146
8Orwell, GeorgeAnimal Farm3311751
9Golding, William19841341862
10Salinger, J. D.The Catcher in the Rye664272
11Woolf, VirginiaTo the Lighthouse29153478
12Kerouac, JackOn the Road145531100
13Lawrence, D. H.Sons and Lovers28964101
14Vonnegut, KurtSlaughterhouse-5671829114
15Forster, E. M.A Passage to India392559123
16Conrad, JosephHeart of Darkness386721126
17Forster, E. M.Howard's End483852138
18Burgess, AnthonyA Clockwork Orange276549141
19Forster, E. M.A Room with a View697939187
20Waugh, EvelynBrideshead Revisited498074203
21Rushdie, SalmanMidnight's Children2590100215