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Goretti Kyomuhendo


Goretti Kyomuhendo was born in 1965 in Hoima, Uganda. She earned an MA in creative writing from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa. She is a founding member of Femrite, the Ugandan women writers’ association. She is also a director of the African Writers Trust. She has written work for both adults and children.

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Goretti Kyomuhendo


1997 The First Daughter (novel)
1998 Different Worlds (children’s)
1999 Secrets No More (novel)
2001 Sara and the Boy Soldier (young adult)
2002 Whispers from Vera (novel)
2006 Hare and the King’s Cow (children’s)
2007 Waiting (novel)
2013 The Essential Handbook for African Creative Writers