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Rita Rahman


Rita Rahman was born in 1952 in Aruba but grew up in Suriname. She left in 1980 to work for the Ministry of Education in the Netherlands. Since then she has worked in international development. In 2000 she was appointed deputy ambassador in the Dutch Embassy in New Delhi.

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2001 Liefdesgeuren (Love’s Perfumes)
2004 Responsible Global Governance: a Programme for World Stability and Institutional Reform (with José Miguel Andreu)
2005 Overcoming the EU-Crisis : Revision of the Theory of Integration & Formulation of a Pro-Citizens EU Project (with José Miguel Andreu)
2006 China and India: Towards Global Economic Supremacy? (with José Miguel Andreu)
2009 Global Democracy for Sustaining Global Capitalism (with José Miguel Andreu)
2012 Love and Death in Saving Europe