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Andrew Salkey was born in 1928 in Colón, Panama to Jamaican parents. He returned to Jamaica when he was two and was raised by his mother and grandmother. As his father stayed in Panama, Salkey did not see him again till he was an adult. After school in Jamaica, he went to the University of London, where he obtained a B. A. and M. A. in English. He stayed in London, teaching English and then working for the BBC. Though he was writing himself, he also helped many West Indian writers at this time, including V S Naipaul. Like those of other exiled West Indians, many of Salkey’s novels are about exiled West Indians. He has also written stories, poetry and several children’s novels, including four about children coming to terms with disasters. He later worked at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, where he died in 1995.

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Andrew Salkey
Andrew Salkey


1959 A Quality of Violence (novel)
1960 An Escape to an Autumn Pavement (novel)
1964 Hurricane (children’s)
1965 Earthquake (children’s)
1966 The Shark Hunters (children’s)
1966 Drought (children’s)
1967 Riot (children’s)
1968 The Late Emancipation of Jerry Stover (novel)
1969 Jonah Simpson (children’s)
1969 The Adventures of Catullus Kelly (novel)
1971 Havana Journal
1971 Georgetown Journal
1973 Anancy’s Score (stories)
1973 Jamaica (poetry)
1974 Joey Tyson (children’s)
1976 Land (poetry)
1976 Come Home, Malcolm Heartland (novel)
1979 In the Hills Where Her Dreams Live: Poems for Chile, 1973-1978 (later, enlarged edition – In the Hills Where Her Dreams Live: Poems for Chile, 1973-1980) (poetry)
1979 The River that Disappeared (children’s)
1980 Away (poetry)
1983 Danny Jones (children’s)
1985 The One: The Story of How the People of Guyana Avenge the Murder of Their Pasero with Help from Anancy and Sister Buxton (children’s)
1988 Anancy Traveller (stories)
1994 In the Border Country and Other Stories (stories)
1994 Brother Anancy and Other Stories (children’s)