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Caryl Phillips was born on St Kitts in 1958 but came to England when he was only twelve weeks old, growing up in Leeds. He took a B. A. in English literature from Queens College, Oxford. He started his writing career in drama and had both theatrical and TV plays produced. In 1983, he returned to St Kitts Nevis just as it was obtaining independence and for the first time since he was an infant. This inspired him to write his first two novels. He has since worked as writer-in-residence at Amherst College as well as a visiting lecturer at several universities. His work has dealt with the African slave trade and the difficulty of identity for black West Indians.

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1981 Strange Fruit (drama)
1982 Where There Is Darkness (drama)
1984 The Shelter (drama)
1985 The Final Passage (fiction)
1985 The Wasted Years (drama)
1986 A State of Independence (fiction)
1987 Playing Away (drama)
1987 The European Tribe (non-fiction)
1990 Higher Ground (fiction)
1991 Cambridge (fiction)
1993 Crossing the River (fiction)
1997 The Nature of Blood (fiction)
2000 The Atlantic Sound (non-fiction)
2001 A New World Order: Selected Essays (non-fiction)
2003 A Distant Shore (fiction)
2005 Dancing in the Dark (fiction)
2007 Foreigners: Three English Lives (non-fiction)
2007 Rough Crossings (drama)
2009 In the Falling Snow (fiction)
2011 Colour Me English (essays)
2015 Lost Child (novel)
2018 A View of the Empire at Sunset (novel)