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Hubert Nigel Thomas was born in Dickson, Saint Vincent, in 1947. He worked as a teacher and civil servant. He emigrated to Canada in 1968 for several reasons – to have more chance of going to university, to expand his horizons and because of prejudice against homosexuals in St Vincent. After studying psychiatric nursing, he worked as a mental health worker while studying and then became a teacher of English and French. He then took a Ph D and became a university professor. He has since devoted himself full time to writing.

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1988 From Folklore to Fiction: A Study of Folk Heroes and Rituals in the Black American Novel
1993 Spirits in the Dark (novel)
1996 How Loud Can the Village Cock Crow? (stories)
2000 Moving through Darkness (poetry)
2001 Behind the Face of Winter (novel)
2005 Why We Write (interviews with fifteen key African Canadian poets and novelists – edited/introduction by Thomas)
2007 Return to Arcadia (novel)
2010 Lives: Whole and Otherwise (stories)
2014 When the Bottom Falls Out and Other Stories
2015 No Safeguards (novel)