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Norah Lange was born in Buenos Aires in 1905. Her father was Norwegian. She was friendly with Jorge Luis Borges and they may have had an affair. He wrote the prologue to her first book, a book of poems. She was married to the poet Oliverio Girondo. She wrote poetry, novels and memoirs. She died in 1972 while writing another novel. She will be remembered as one of the first Argentinian woman prose writers. Her books had gone out of print in Argentina till her complete works were published in 2005.

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Books about Norah Lange

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1925 La calle de la tarde (poetry)
1926 Los días y las noches (poetry)
1927 Voz de la vida (novel)
1930 El rumbo de la rosa (poetry)
1933 45 días y 30 marineros [45 Days and 30 Sailors] (novel)
1937 Cuadernos de infancia (Notes from Childhood) (memoirs)
1942 Discursos (talks)
1944 Antes que mueran (memoirs)
1950 Personas en la sala (People in the Room) (novel)
1956 Los dos retratos (novel)
1968 Estimados congéneres (talks)
2005 El cuarto de vidrio (first published in her Obras Completas [Complete Works])