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Jorge Ibargüengoitia was born in 1928 in Guanajuato. His father died before he was born and he was brought up by women, something he says very much influenced him. He studied drama at the National University of Mexico. He started his career in drama, both as a critic and playwright and won a prize for his play El Atentado but then, ironically, decided to become a novelist. Many of his novels are satirical. He married the English painter Joy Laville and the couple then moved to Paris. While there, in 1983, he was invited to a literary conference in Colombia. He was initially reluctant to go but then accepted. His flight, while approaching Madrid airport, crashed and he was killed. The writers Manuel Scorza and Ángel Rama were also killed in the same crash. Jorge Ibargüengoitia produced a series of well-received novels, stories, children’s books, plays and articles for the press.

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1957 Teatro mexicano contemporáneo (dramatic criticism)
1963 3 piezas en un acto (drama)
1964 Clotilde, El viaje y El pájaro (drama)
1964 El atentado (drama)
1964 Los relámpagos de agosto (The Lightning of August) (novel)
1967 La ley de Herodes (stories)
1969 Maten al león (novel)
1972 Viajes en la América ignota (journalism)
1975 Estas ruinas que ves (novel)
1977 Las muertas (Dead Girls) (novel)
1975 Sálvese quien pueda (essay)
1979 Dos crímenes (Two Crimes) (novel)
1980 Suma filosófica mexicana: resumen de historia de la filosofía en México (history of philosophy)
1981 Los conspiradores (novel)
1982 Los pasos de López (novel)
1988 Autopsias rápidas. Selección de artículos publicados en Excelsior y Vuelta (journalism)
1989 Paletón y el elefante musical (children’s)
1989 Obras de Jorge Ibargüengoitia. Teatro I (drama)
1989 Obras de Jorge Ibargüengoitia. Teatro II (drama)
1990 Obras de Jorge Ibargüengoitia. Teatro III (drama)
1990 Instrucciones para vivir en México. Selección de artículos publicados en Excelsior (journalism)
1990 Piezas y cuentos para niños (children’s)
1991 La Casa de usted y otros viajes. Selección de artículos publicados en Excelsior (journalism)
1995 Falta de espíritu scout (stories)
1997 ¿Olvida usted su equipaje? Selección de artículos publicados en Excélsior (journalism)
1999 El libro de oro del teatro mexicano (theatrical reviews)
2005 El ratón del supermercado (children’s)
2008 El niño Triclinio y la bella Dorotea (children’s)
2009 Revolución en el jardín (journalism)
2019 Cuentos para niños (children’s)