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Angeles Mastretta was born in Puebla in 1949. She moved to Mexico City when her father died in 1971. She studied journalism at the Universidad Autónoma de México and then worked as a journalist for a variety of publications, often writing on politics and feminism. Her first publication was a book of poetry but she is best known for her novels, particularly the feminist novel, Arráncame la vida (Mexican Bolero; Tear This Heart Out). She is currently on the editorial board of the magazine Nexos with her partner, the writer Héctor Aguilar Camín. She writes for many publications, both in Mexico and abroad.

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1975 La pájara pinta (poetry)
1985 Arráncame la vida (Mexican Bolero; Tear This Heart Out) (novel)
1990 Mujeres de ojos grandes (Women With Big Eyes) (novel)
1993 Puerto libre (short stories, essays)
1994 Puerto libre: un refugio para el azar y la memoria (memoirs)
1997 Mal de amores (Lovesick) (novel)
1998 El mundo iluminado (short stories; essays)
1999 Ninguna eternidad como la mía (story)
2000 Don de sobrevivencia (story)
2003 El cielo de los leones (novel)
2007 Maridos (stories)
2008 Hombres de amores (stories)
2013 La emoción de las cosas (memoirs)
2015 El viento de las horas (memoirs)
2019 Yo misma : antología