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Sergio Pitol was born in Potrero, Veracruz in 1933. As a child he suffered from malaria, which meant much time spent in seclusion, which allowed him to do a lot of reading. When he was seventeen, he went to Mexico City to study law and literature at the Universidad Autónoma de México, and took a degree in law. He joined the Mexican foreign service and served as cultural attaché in various cities abroad and was Mexican ambassador to Czechoslovakia. He also lived abroad, working as a translator from classic English-language, Russian and other literatures, and as a writer. He has since written many well-received novels, short stories and essays. He died in 2018. Only one of his novels has been translated into English and the three volumes of his memoirs and some of his stories have been published by Deep Vellum.

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1959 Tiempo cercado (stories)
1964 Infierno de todos (stories)
1966 Los climas (stories)
1966 El arte de la fuga (The Art of Flight) (memoirs – part of Trilogía de la memoria))
1967 No hay tal lugar (stories)
1970 Del encuentro nupcial (stories)
1972 El tañido de una flauta [The Tune of a Pipe] (novel)
1972 Los climas (stories)
1981 Nocturno de Bujara (stories)
1982 Juegos florales (novel)
1982 Cementerio de tordos (story)
1984 El desfile del amor (Love Parade) (novel – Tríptico de carnaval)
1984 Vals de Mefisto (Mephisto’s Waltz) (stories)
1988 Domar a la divina garza (novel (Taming the Divine Heron) – Tríptico de carnaval)
1989 La casa de la tribu (essays)
1990 La vida conjugal (novel – Tríptico de carnaval)
1992 El relato veneciano de Billie Upward (stories)
1995 Juan Soriano – Perpetuo Rebelde (biography)
1998 Todos los cuentos (stories)
1999 Pasión por la trama (literature)
1999 Una adicción a la novela inglesa (later: Adicción a los ingleses: vida y obra de diez novelistas) (literature)
2000 Todo está en todas las cosas (essays)
2000 El viaje (The Journey) (memoirs – part of Trilogía de la memoria)
2004 El oscuro hermano gemelo y otros relatos (stories)
2005 El mago de Viena (The Magician of Vienna) (memoirs – part of Trilogía de la memoria)
2005 Los mejores cuentos (stories)
2007 Ìcaro (stories)
2008 Ensayos (essays)
2011 Memoria, 1933-1966 (memoirs)
2013 El tercer personaje: ensayos (essays)