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Batchelor is a conservative writer, who burst onto the scene with the highly imaginative The Birth of the People’s Republic of Antarctica before writing amusing but not very profound satires and a thriller. He was born in Bryn Mawr in 1948. He graduated from Princeton and the Union Theological Seminary. He later hosted a radio news show, The John Batchelor Show, initially with Paul Alexander (as Batchelor and Alexander).

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John Batchelor


1983 The Birth of the People’s Republic of Antarctica
1985 American Falls
1987 Thunder in the Dust: Classic Images of Western Movies
1990 Gordon Liddy is My Museum (as Tommy”Tip” Paine)
1991 Walking the Cat: Gordon Liddy is My Muse, II (as Tommy”Tip” Paine)
1993 Peter Nevsky and the True Story of the Russian Moon Landing : a Novel
1994 Father’s Day
1995 The Further Adventures of Halley’s Comet
1996 Ain’t You Glad You Joined the Republicans?: a Short History of the GOP