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Charles Baxter was born in Minneapolis in 1947. After taking a B.A. from Macalester College in St Paul, he took a Ph. D. in English from the State University of New York in Buffalo. After teaching at Wayne State University, he became a professor of English at the University of Michigan and now teaches at the University of Minnesota. He has written novels, short stories, essays and poems.

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1970 Chameleon (poetry)
1974 The South Dakota Guidebook (poetry)
1984 Harmony of the World (stories)
1985 Through the Safety Net (stories)
1985 Gryphon (stories)
1987 First Light (novel)
1989 Imaginary Paintings and Other Poems (poetry)
1990 A Relative Stranger (stories)
1993 Shadow Play (novel)
1997 Believers (stories)
1997 Burning Down The House: Essays on Fiction
2003 The Feast of Love (novel)
2003 Saul and Patsy (novel)
2007 The Art of Subtext: Beyond Plot
2008 The Soul Thief (novel)
2011 Gryphon: New and Selected Stories (stories)
2015 There’s Something I Want You to Do (stories)
2020 The Sun Collective (novel)