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Ann Beattie was born in 1947 in Washington D.C. She was an only child. Her father worked for the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. She studied English at American University and then did a Master’s at the University of Connecticut. She was writing stories while doing her doctorate but dropped out to focus on her writing career. She initially had considerable success at story writing with many published in the New Yorker and then went on to publish novels. Apart from brief stints at the University of Virginia and Harvard, she has focused on her writing career. Her books have tended to concern people living on the East Coast of the United States who grew up in the 1960s and came of age in the 1970s which has meant that, while her books were successful in the 1970s and 1980s, they have seemed less relevant since that time.

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1976 Chilly Scenes of Winter (novel)
1976 Distortions (stories)
1978 Secrets and Surprises (stories)
1980 Falling in Place (novel)
1982 The Burning House (stories)
1985 Spectacles (children’s)
1985 Love Always (novel)
1986 Where You’ll Find Me and Other Stories (stories)
1987 Alex Katz (art criticism)
1990 Picturing Will (novel)
1991 What Was Mine (stories)
1992 Americana (with Bob Adelman – text to his photos)
1992 Flesh Blood: Photographers’ Images of Their Own Families (with Andy Grundberg – text to his photos)
1995 Another You (novel)
1997 My Life, Starring Dara Falcon (novel)
1998 Park City (stories)
2000 Perfect Recall (stories)
2002 The Doctor’s House (novel)
2005 Follies: New Stories (stories)
2010 Walks With Men (novel)
2011 The New Yorker Stories (stories)
2011 Mrs. Nixon: A Novelist Imagines a life (novel)
2015 The State We’re In: Maine Stories (stories)
2017 The Accomplished Guest (stories)
2019 A Wonderful Stroke of Luck (novel)