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Isabel Bolton (real name: Mary Britton Miller) was born in Massachusetts in 1883, an orphan and an identical twin (her twin sister drowned when they were children). She spent most of her life in New York but kept her life secretive. It is known that she spent some time in Europe, probably in Italy, to judge by Many Mansions. She never married, living alone in a four bedroom apartment in Greenwich Village. She was sixty-three when her first novel for adults, Do I Wake or Sleep, was published but neither that nor subsequent novels made much impression. She died in 1975.

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1928 Songs of Infancy and Other Poems
1928 Menagerie (poetry)
1932 Without Sanctuary (poetry)
1934 Intrepid Bird (poetry)
1943 In the Days of Thy Youth (children’s)
1944 The Crucifixion, a Poem
1946 Do I Wake or Sleep
1949 The Christmas Tree
1952 Many Mansions
1957 Give a Guess; Poems
1958 All Aboard: Poems
1966 Under Gemini: a Memoir
1971 The Whirligig of Time
1997 New York Mosaic: Three Novels (contains: Do I Wake or Sleep; The Christmas Tree; Many Mansions)