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James T Farrell was born in Chicago in 1904, the son and grandson of Irish Catholic working-class labourers. He grew up on the South Side of Chicago, where most of his novels are set. He was educated at DePaul University in Chicago and the University of Chicago. In 1931 he married Dorothy Butler whom he divorced and later remarried (after marrying Hortense Alden), though they again separated. He died in 1979. His writing is fiercely realist and highly critical of the conditions that produce poverty. He is not much read today except for the Studs Lonigan trilogy

Books about James T. Farrell

Edgar Marquess Branch: James T. Farrell
Edgar Marquess Branch: Studs Lonigan’s Neighborhood and the Making of James T. Farrell
Edgar Marquess Branch: A Paris Year: Dorothy and James T. Farrell, 1931-1932
Alan M. Wald: James T. Farrell: The Revolutionary Socialist Years

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1932 Young Lonigan (Studs Lonigan trilogy)
1933 Gas-house McGinty (novel)
1934 The Young Manhood of Studs Lonigan (Studs Lonigan trilogy)
1934 Calico Shoes and Other Stories (republished as Seventeen and Other Stories)
1935 Judgment Day (Studs Lonigan trilogy)
1935 Guillotine Party and Other Stories
1936 A World I Never Made (Danny O’Neill pentalogy)
1936 A Note on Literary Criticism
1937 Can All This Grandeur Perish? and Other Stories
1937 Fellow Countrymen; Collected Stories
1937 Short Stories
1938 No Star Is Lost (Danny O’Neill pentalogy)
1939 Tommy Gallagher’s Crusade
1940 Father and Son (Danny O’Neill pentalogy)
1941 Ellen Rogers (novel)
1942 $1,000 a Week and Other Stories
1943 My Days of Anger (Danny O’Neill pentalogy)
1943 Fifteen Selected Stories
1944 To Whom It May Concern and Other Stories
1946 Bernard Clare (Bernard Carr trilogy)
1946 The Fate of Writing in America
1946 More Fellow-Countrymen
1946 More Stories
1946 When Boyhood Dreams Come True
1947 The League of Frightened Philistines and Other Papers (reviews)
1947 The Life Adventurous and Other Stories
1947 Literature and Morality
1948 Yesterday’s Love and Eleven Other Stories
1949 A Misunderstanding (story)
1949 The Road Between (Bernard Carr trilogy)
1949 Truth and Myth about America
1950 An American Dream Girl (stories)
1951 This Man and This Woman
1952 Yet Other Waters (Bernard Carr trilogy)
1953 The Face of Time (Danny O’Neill pentalogy)
1954 Reflections at Fifty (essays)
1955 French Girls are Vicious and Other Stories
1956 Omnibus of Short Stories
1957 A Dangerous Woman and Other Stories
1957 My Baseball Diary
1958 It Has Come to Pass (travel)
1958 Saturday Night and Other Stories
1959 The Girls at the Sphinx (stories)
1959 The Name is Fogarty: Private Papers on Public Matters
1960 Looking ’em Over (stories)
1961 Boarding House Blues (novel)
1961 Side Street and Other Stories
1962 Sound of a City (stories)
1963 The Silence of History (novel)
1964 Selected Essays
1964 What Time Collects (novel)
1965 The Collected Poems of James T. Farrell
1966 Lonely for the Future (novel)
1966 When Time Was Born (novel)
1967 New Year’s Eve, 1929
1968 A Brand New Life (novel)
1969 Childhood is not Forever (stories)
1969 Judith (story)
1971 Invisible Swords (novel)
1973 Judith and Other Stories
1976 The Dunne Family (novel)
1976 Literary Essays, 1954-1974
1977 Olive and Mary Anne (stories)
1978 The Death of Nora Ryan (novel)
1981 Eight Short, Short Stories & Sketches
1982 On Irish Themes
1983 Sam Holman (novel)
1985 Hearing out James T. Farrell: Selected Lectures
1998 Chicago Stories
2007 Dreaming Baseball (novel)