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John Hawkes was born in 1925 in Stamford, Connecticut. His early life was spent in New England and New York but the family did spend five years in Juneau, Alaska. He went to Harvard but dropped out to become an ambulance driver in Italy and Germany but returned to Harvard after the War. After graduating from Harvard, where he had started writing, he worked at the university press. He taught for a while at Harvard before taking up a teaching post at Brown University where he worked till he retired in 1988. He published a succession of novels, short stories and plays, distinguished by their experimental nature. His philosophy was summed up in the following – I began to write fiction on the assumption that the true enemies of the novel were plot, character, setting, and theme, and having once abandoned these familiar ways of thinking about fiction, totality of vision or structure was really all that remained. He died in 1998.

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1949 Fiasco Hall (poetry)
1949 Charivari (novella)
1949 The Cannibal (novel)
1951 The Beetle Leg (novel)
1954 The Goose on the Grave (novel)
1954 The Owl (novella)
1961 The Lime Twig (novel)
1964 Second Skin (novel)
1966 The Innocent Party (drama)
1969 Lunar Landscapes (stories)
1971 The Blood Oranges (novel)
1974 Death, Sleep, and the Traveler (novel)
1976 Travesty (novel)
1979 The Passion Artist (novel)
1982 Virginie Her Two Lives
1984 Humors of Blood & Skin: A John Hawkes Reader
1985 Adventures in the Alaskan Skin Trade (novel)
1985 Innocence in Extremis (novella)
1988 Whistlejacket (novel)
1993 Sweet William (novel)
1996 The Frog (novel)
1997 An Irish Eye (novel)
2016 Travesty (novel)