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Alison Lurie was born in Chicago in 1926. She took a B.A. from Radcliffe College. She became an associate professor at Cornell University, where her husband is also a professor of English. Many of her novels are set in and around academic institutions. Many of them are about failed marriages. She is best known for The War between the Tates, a story of the break-up of a marriage, against the background of a university and the Vietnam War. She died in 2020.

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1959 V. R. Lang: A Memoir (memoir)
1962 Love and Friendship (novel)
1965 The Nowhere City (novel)
1967 Imaginary Friends (novel)
1969 Real People (novel)
1974 The War between the Tates (novel)
1979 The Heavenly Zoo: Legends and Tales of the Stars (juvenilia)
1979 Only Children (novel)
1980 Clever Gretchen and Other Forgotten Folk Tales (juvenilia)
1981 Fabulous Beasts (juvenilia)
1984 Foreign Affairs (novel)
1988 The Truth about Lorin Jones (novel)
1990 Don’t Tell the Grown-Ups: Subversive Children’s Literature (UK: Not In Front Of The Grown-Ups: Subversive Children’s Literature) (essays and criticism)
1991 The Language of Clothes
1994 Women and Ghosts (short stories)
1998 The Last Resort (novel)
1999 Black Geese: A Baba Yaga Story from Russia (later: Baba Yaga and the Stolen Baby) (juvenilia)
2001 Familiar Spirits: A Memoir of James Merrill and David Jackson (memoir)
2003 Boys and Girls Forever: Children’s Classics from Cinderella to Harry Potter (essays and criticism)
2005 Truth and Consequences (novel)
2014 The Language of Houses (architecture)
2019 Words and Worlds : From Autobiography to Zippers (essays)