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Andrew Lytle was born in 1902 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He went to Sewanee Military Academy when he was sixteen and, after he graduated, went to Europe but returned when his grandfather became ill, and he continued his education at Vanderbilt University where he become associated with the Fugitives and contributed to the famous manifesto I’ll Take My Stand. He then went to Yale and subsequently worked as an actor, while reading up on the Civil War, in New York, which led to his biography of Nathan Bedford Forrest. After the publication of this book, he planned to write and farm but when offered an academic post, he started an academic career finally teaching at the University of Florida and the University of the South. He published four well-received novels as well as essays and poetry. He spent the last twenty years of his life living in a cabin. He died in 1995. He will be remembered for producing several fine novels with a Southern flavour as well as many important essays.

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Andrew Nelson Lytle
Andrew Nelson Lytle


1931 Bedford Forrest and His Critter Company (biography)
1936 The Long Night (novel)
1941 At the Moon’s Inn (novel)
1947 A Name for Evil (novel)
1957 The Velvet Horn (novel)
1958 A Novel, A Novella and Four Stories
1966 The Hero With the Private Parts (essays)
1975 A Wake For the Living: A Family Chronicle
1979 Alchemy (poetry)
1980 Reflections of a Ghost: An Agrarian View after Fifty Years
1984 Stories, Alchemy & Others
1988 Southerners and Europeans: Essays in a Time of Disorder
1990 From Eden to Babylon: The Social and Political Essays of Andrew Nelson Lytle
1992 Kristin: A Reading (literary criticism)