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Bernard Malamud was born in 1914 in Brooklyn. His parents were Russian-Jewish immigrants who ran a small grocery store which stayed open long hours. He obtained a bachelor’s degree from City University, New York and a Master’s from Columbia (in English literature). He taught high school in New York before taking up a teaching assignment at Oregon State University. It was here where he wrote his early novels. In 1961, he moved to Bennington College in Vermont, where he taught for the rest of his career. Though his first novel – The Natural – was about baseball, his remaining novels had Jewish subjects, often telling the story of a simple man trying to make the world a better place but not necessarily succeeding. He died in 1986.

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1952 The Natural (novel)
1955 Kim of Korea (juvenile – with Faith Norris)
1957 The Assistant (novel)
1958 The Magic Barrel (stories)
1961 A New Life (novel)
1963 Idiots First (stories)
1966 The Fixer (novel)
1967 A Malamud Reader
1969 Pictures of Fidelman: An Exhibition (novel)
1971 The Tenants (novel)
1973 Rembrandt’s Hat (stories)
1978 Two Fables:”The Jewbird” and”Talking Horse”
1979 Dubin’s Lives (novel)
1982 God’s Grace (novel)
1983 The Stories of Bernard Malamud (stories)
1985 Long Work, Short Life (lecture)
1989 The People and Uncollected Stories (stories)
1997 The Complete Stories (stories)
2002 The People & Uncollected Stories (stories)