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Susan Minot was born in Boston in 1956. As with her family in her first novel, Monkeys, she was one of seven children. Like that family, her mother died tragically in an accident when Minot was twenty-one and about to go to college. She initially went to Boston University before going to Brown, where she studied writing and painting. She then got an MFA from Columbia. She worked for Greenpeace and also as a carpenter and a house painter, while writing stories, which were published in magazines. She has travelled extensively and written about her travels. She also wrote the screenplays for Stealing Beauty and Evening. She is also a painter and painted the cover for her novel Monkeys. In addition to stories, novels and articles on travel and politics, she has also published a book of poems.

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Susan Minot
Susan Minot


1986 Monkeys (novel)
1989 Lust and Other Stories
1993 Folly (novel)
1996 Stealing Beauty (screenplay)
1998 Evening (novel)
2002 Rapture (novel)
2003 Poems 4 A.M.
2014 Thirty Girls (novel)
2020 Why I Don’t Write and Other Stories (stories)
2024 Don’t Be a Stranger (novel)