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Ann Patchett was born in Los Angeles in 1963. Her father was a police captain and her mother a nurse, who is now a novelist. She studied fiction writing at Sarah Lawrence College, Iowa Writers’ Workshop and Provincetown Fine Arts Center. She worked as a waitress while writing her first novel, which received considerable critical success. As well as writing novels, she wrote a book about her friend Lucy Grealey, Truth & Beauty, after Grealey died of an accidental drug overdose from painkillers she was taking for cancer treatment. Grealey’s sister was critical of the book.

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1992 The Patron Saint of Liars (novel)
1994 Taft (novel)
1997 The Magician’s Assistant (novel)
2001 Bel Canto (novel)
2004 Truth & Beauty: A Friendship
2007 Run (novel)
2008 What Now? (essay)
2011 State of Wonder (novel)
2011 The Getaway Car: A Practical Memoir About Writing and Life (essay)
2013 This is the Story of a Happy Marriage (novel)
2016 Commonwealth (novel)
2019 The Dutch House (novel)
2019 Lambslide (children’s)
2020 Escape Goat (novel)
2021 These Precious Days (essays)
2023 Tom Lake (novel)