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Paul Bowles was born in New York in 1910. His first love was painting but he soon turned to music (he studied under Aaron Copland) and continued to write music, some of which is still performed. In 1938 he married Jane Auer who was herself a writer. After dropping out of the University of Virginia, he travelled extensively, starting with Paris, then North Africa, Latin America, Ceylon, before ending up in Morocco, where he worked with many of the local writers, particularly the Berber-speaking Mohammed Mrabet. He chose Morocco because he felt it to be more liberating – sexually, socially and culturally. His first and most famous book was The Sheltering Sky but he continued to write both books and music for most of his life. He died in Tangiers in 1999.

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1933 Two Poems
1949 The Sheltering Sky (novel)
1950 The Delicate Prey and Other Stories (stories)
1950 A Little Stone: Stories (stories)
1952 Let It Come Down (novel)
1955 The Spider’s House (novel)
1956 Yallah
1959 The Hours After Noon: Short Stories
1962 A Hundred Camels in the Courtyard (stories)
1963 Their Heads Are Green And Their Hands Are Blue
1966 Up Above The World (novel)
1967 The Time of Friendship (stories)
1968 Pages from Cold Point and Other Stories (stories)
1933 Scenes (poetry)
1972 Without Stopping
1972 The Thicket of Spring Poems 1926-1969
1975 Three Tales
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1979 Collected Stories, 1939-1976 (stories)
1981 In the Red Room (stories)
1981 Midnight Mass and Other Stories (stories)
1981 Next to Nothing: Collected Poems, 1926-1977
1982 Points in Time (stories)
1988 A Distant Episode: the Selected Stories (stories)
1988 Call at Corazón and Other Stories (stories)
1988 Unwelcome Words (stories)
1989 A Thousand Days for Mokhtar (stories)
1989 Two Years beside the Strait: Tangier Journal 1987-9 (US: Days : Tangier Journal, 1987-1989)
1992 Too Far From Home [note that this novella was published separately in Zurich and then included in the Ecco Press compilation of the same name (below)]
1993 Too Far From Home: the Selected Writings of Paul Bowles
1993 Morocco
1994 In Touch: the Letters of Paul Bowles
1994 The Portable Paul and Jane Bowles
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