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Thomas Wolfe was born in Asheville, North Carolina, in 1900. His father was a stonecutter and his mother kept a boarding house, like Eugene’s parents in Look Homeward, Angel. At the age of four, he accompanied his mother to St. Louis, where she kept a boarding house during the World’s Fair. After attending public school, he attended a private school from the age of twelve, where the teacher had a considerable influence on him. In 1916, he started attending the University of North Carolina and enrolled in the playwriting course. A couple of his plays were performed in 1919. After graduating in 1920, he went to graduate school at Harvard, where he continued to study playwriting.

In 1923 he went to New York and started teaching English at Washington Square College. The following year he made the first of his seven trips to Europe. On the second one he met Aline Bernstein, wife of a stockbroker and eighteen years older than Wolfe. They had a stormy affair. After a subsequent European trip Scribner’s agreed to publish Look Homeward, Angel, after editing by Maxwell Perkins. The book had limited commercial success but considerable critical success. He wrote several short stories and novels at this time but Perkins wanted a sequel to Look Homeward, Angel. They worked jointly on what would become Of Time and the River but Wolfe was very unhappy with it and it did receive less critical acclaim.

Subsequently, he started to quarrel with Scribner’s on a variety of issues and finally moved over to Harper and Brothers in 1937. He continued to publish a variety of short work in various magazines. While on a trip out West in 1938, he became ill and died in Seattle shortly before his thirty-eighth birthday. His two subsequent novels were assembled by his editor from the manuscripts he had left behind. His critical reputation has gone down since his death as his writing is considered sprawling and disorganised.

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