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Anne Tyler was born in Minneapolis in 1941. Her parent were Quakers and her family lived in various communes, her father working as a chemist. This sense of not belonging is a key theme in her novels. She went to Duke University where she got a degree in Russian. She also started writing short stories at this time. She continued her Russian studies at Columbia University and then returned to Duke where she worked as a Russian bibliographer. When her husband moved to Montreal for his medical studies, she worked at McGill University. She started writing short stories, which have been published in various magazines but not collected into book form. The family then moved to Baltimore, where most of her novels are set. Her first novel was written while she was still in Montreal but it was only after raising her daughters that she was really able to focus on her novels. The novels are often about dysfunctional families and the difficulties of connecting with other people.

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Anne Tyler
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1964 If Morning Ever Comes (novel)
1965 The Tin Can Tree (novel)
1970 A Slipping-Down Life (novel)
1972 The Clock Winder (novel)
1974 Celestial Navigation (novel)
1975 Searching for Caleb (novel)
1977 Earthly Possessions (novel)
1980 Morgan’s Passing (novel)
1982 Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant (novel)
1985 The Accidental Tourist (novel)
1988 Breathing Lessons (novel)
1991 Saint Maybe (novel)
1993 Tumble Tower (children’s)
1995 Ladder of Years (novel)
1998 A Patchwork Planet (novel)
2001 Back When We Were Grownups (novel)
2004 The Amateur Marriage (novel)
2006 Digging to America (novel)
2009 Noah’s Compass (novel)
2012 The Beginner’s Goodbye (novel)
2015 A Spool of Blue Thread (novel)
2016 Vinegar Girl (The Taming of the Shrew retold) (novel)
2018 Clock Dance (novel)
2020 Redhead by the Side of the Road (novel)
2022 French Braid (novel)