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Welty was born in Jackson, Mississippi in 1909 and, apart from a brief spell in New York, lived all her life there. She is best known for her short stories though she wrote novels as well. She was also an accomplished photographer and has published some of her photos. After William Faulkner, she is probably the most respected Southern writer.

As with any Southern writers, community, a sense of place, are important to her. She also shares with her fellow Southerners a fascination with the grotesque. She has a wonderful ear for the local language and oral tradition is important to her. Her work with the Works Progress Administration, which took her all over Mississippi, was very influential on her writing. Going right back to Robber Bridegroom, myth and legend have played a significant role in her work. She died in 2001.

Books about Eudora Welty

Paul Binding: The Still Moment: Eudora Welty: Portrait of a Writer
Albert J Devlin: Eudora Welty’s Chronicle: a Story of Mississippi Life
Neil David Isaacs: Eudora Welty (Southern writers series)
Ann Waldron: Eudora: A Writer’s Life (the latest but still very much unauthorised biography)
Louise Hutchings Westling: Eudora Welty
(Note that there is no good biography of Welty as she has resisted one. The best introduction to her is her own One Writer’s Beginnings. There are many more critical works. In particular, those with words like intertextuality and structure in the title or with a title that I do not understand, have been rigorously omitted.)

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1941 A Curtain of Green (stories)
1942 Robber Bridegroom
1943 Selected Stories
1943 The Wide Net and Other Stories
1946 Delta Wedding
1948 Music from Spain (short story)
1949 The Golden Apples (stories)
1949 Short Stories
1954 The Ponder Heart (novel)
1955 The Bride of the Innisfallen and Other Stories
1957 Place in Fiction
1962 Three Papers on Fiction
1964 The Shoe Bird (children’s story)
1965 Thirteen Stories
1969 A Sweet Devouring (story)
1970 Losing Battles
1971 One Time, One Place: Mississippi in the Depression; A Snapshot Album
1972 Optimist’s Daughter
1974 A Pageant of Birds (story)
1975 The Little Store (story)
1978 The Eye of the Story: Selected Essays and Reviews
1979 Ida M’Toy (story)
1979 Women!! Make Turban in Own Home!
1980 Acrobats in a Park
1980 Bye-bye Brevoort: a Skit (drama)
1980 The Collected Stories of Eudora Welty
1980 White Fruitcake
1980 Moon Lake and Other Stories
1981 Retreat
1984 One Writer’s Beginnings
1994 A Writer’s Eye: Collected Book Reviews