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Wright Morris was born in 1910 in Central City, Nebraska. His mother died six days after he was born. His father travelled around Nebraska, often neglecting his son. They eventually landed up in Chicago where he went to school and college. His grandfather sent him to the Adventist Union Pacific College in California but he left after five weeks to work on his uncle’s farm. He then went to Pomona College but never took a degree. He drifted around Europe for a while, getting arrested in Italy because of suspected spying, and returned home.

His earliest writings were photo-texts, photos, prose texts with photos. He went on to write photo-texts, novels and essays. He spent much of his time moving around, both within the United States and abroad. He died in 1998.

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1942 My Uncle Dudley
1945 The Man Who Was There
1946 The Inhabitants
1948 The Home Place
1949 The World in the Attic
1951 Man and Boy
1952 The Works of Love
1953 The Deep Sleep
1954 The Huge Season
1956 The Field of Vision
1957 Love Among the Cannibals
1958 The Territory Ahead
1960 Ceremony in Lone Tree
1962 What a Way to Go
1963 Cause for Wonder
1965 One Day
1967 In Orbit
1968 A Bill of Rites, a Bill of Wrongs, a Bill of Goods
1968 God’s Country and My People
1970 Green Grass, Blue Sky, White House
1970 Wright Morris: A Reader,
1971 Fire Sermon
1972 Love Affair: A Venetian Journal
1972 War Games
1973 Here Is Einbaum
1973 A Life
1975 About Fiction: Reverent Reflections on the Nature of Fiction with Irreverent Observations on Writers, Readers, and Other Abuses
1975 The Cat’s Meow
1975 Structures and Artifacts: Photographs, 1933–1954
1976 Real Losses, Imaginary Gains
1977 The Fork River Space Project
1978 Earthly Delights, Unearthly Adornments: American Writers as Image-Makers
1980 Plains Song: For Female Voices
1981 Will’s Boy
1982 Photographs & Words
1983 Solo
1985 A Cloak of Light
1986 Collected Stories 1948–1986
1989 Time Pieces: Photographs, Writing, and Memory
2011 Wright Morris Territory A Treasury of Work