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Atiq Rahimi was born in 1956 in Kabul. After the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, he fled the country, going first to Pakistan and then to France, where he was given political asylum. After studying at the Sorbonne, he became a film-maker. He later took up writing and had considerable success with his first book, خاک و خاکستر (Earth and Ashes) which was made into a successful film which he himself directed. He has since returned to Afghanistan, where he was has also been involved in film-making. he has directed a iflm version of Scholastique Mukasonga‘s Notre-Dame du Nil (Our Lady of the Nile).

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Atiq Rahimi
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Only books translated into English and/or French

2000 خاک و خاکستر (Earth and Ashes)
2002 هزار خانه خواب و اختناق (A Thousand Rooms of Dream and Fear)
2009 سنگ صبور (The Patience Stone)
2011 Maudit soit Dostoïevski (A Curse on Dostoevsky)
2019 سقاءها (Les porteurs d’eau)