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German Sadulaev was born in in Shali, Chechnya in 1973. He studied journalism at Leningrad State University before switching to law and subsequently worked as a lawyer in St. Petersburg. He has since written several books. In 2010 he joined the Communist Party and stood in elections in St Petersburg for the Russian Parliament, coming sixth.

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2006 Радио FUCK (novel)
2006 Я — чеченец! (I am a Chechen!) (novel)
2008 Пурга, или Миф о конце света (story)
2009 Таблетка (The Maya Pill) (novel)
2009 AD (novel)
2009 Бич божий (stories)
2009 Шалинский рейд (novel)
2011 Марш, марш правой! (essays)
2012 Шестнадцать карт (novel, with several others)
2012 Прыжок волка (essay)
2013 Зеркало атмы (stories)
2017 Иван Ауслендер (novel)