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Xiaolu Guo was born in Southern China. She studied film at the Beijing Academy. She wrote and published books in China before coming to England in 2002. She continues to writes novels and direct films.

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Xiaolu Guo
Xiaolu Guo
Xiaolu Guo
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1999 我妈妈的男朋友是谁?
2000 电影地图
2000 芬芳的37°2
2000 梦中或不是梦中的飞行
2002 电影理论笔记
2003 我心中的石头镇 (Village of Stone)
2007 A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary For Lovers
2007 20 Fragments of a Ravenous Youth
2009 UFO in Her Eyes
2010 Lovers in the Age of Indifference
2014 I Am China
2014 Waiting for the Second Renaissance
2017 Once Upon A Time in the East: A Story of Growing U (US: Nine Continents)
2020 A Lover’s Discourse
2023 Radical (memoir)