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Anita Desai was born Anita Mazumdar in 1937 in Mussoorie. Her mother was of German origin and Desai learned German as a child. She was educated in Delhi and earned a B.A. in English literature from Delhi University. After graduating she married Ashvin Desai, a businessman. She started writing short stories, even before she was married. Her first novel appeared in 1963. Many of her early novels were about the bourgeois but she later wrote about the underprivileged. She has taught in Britain and the United States, most recently at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As well as stories and novels for adults, she has also written books for children.

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1963 Cry,The Peacock
1965 Voices in the City
1968 Bye-Bye, Blackbird,
1975 Where Shall We Go This Summer?
1976 Cat on a Houseboat (children’s)
1977 Fire on the Mountain
1978 Games at Twilight (stories)
1979 The Peacock Garden (children’s)
1980 Clear Light of Day
1982 The Village By the Sea (children’s)
1984 In Custody
1987 Baumgartner’s Bombay
1995 Journey to Ithaca
1999 Fasting, Feasting,
2000 Diamond Dust and Other Stories
2004 The Zig Zag Way
2005 Hill of Silver, Hill of Lead
2011 The Artist of Disappearance
2017 Complete Stories