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Chatterjee, Chaudhuri, Dasgupta, Desai, Desani, Faruqi, Ghosh, Hyder, Jhabvala, Kuvempu, Lahiri, Mistry, Premchand, Rao, Rushdie, Seth, Khushwant Singh, Tharoor, Thayil, Triveni

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Indian Literature
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Regional Indian literature

Literature from North East India

Ten voices from Adivasi literature

Assamese Literature
Assamese Literature
Assamese Literature
Modern Assamese Literature
Prose in Post-Independence Assamese Literature
Early Women Writers in Assamese Literature
Women Novelists in Post Independence Assamese Literature

Bengali Literature
Bengali Literature
Bengali Literature
Bengali Literature
History of Bengali Literature
New Age Bengali Literature
Bengali Novels
Past and Future: A Collection of Bengali Literature
Parabaas (a resource for Bengali Literature)
The Pain of Partition, as Seen in the Literature of Many Languages

Bhojpuri Literature
Bhojpuri Literature

Boro Literature

Dogri Literature
Renowned Authors, Lyricists, Novelists and Writers from Jammu

Gujarati Literature
Gujarati Literature
Gujarati Literature
Gujarati Authors
Women Writers in Gujarati Literature
Nationalist Writers in Modern Gujarati Literature
Prose in Modern Gujarati Literature

Hindi literature
Hindi literature
Hindi literature
Hindi Authors
Immortal Hindi authors and poets
Hindi language (despite the title, about the literature)
Hindi literature in Post Independent Period
Women Writers in Hindi Literature
Modern Period of Hindi Literature

Kannada Literature
Kannada Literature
Kannada Authors
Kannada Writers
Modern Period in Kannada Literature
Women Writers in Kannada Literature

Kashmiri Literature
Kashmiri Literature
Kashmiri Literature

Kharia Literature

Khasi Literature

Konkani Literature in Goa

Korku Literature in Goa

Maithili Literature

Malayalam Literature
Malayalam Literature
Malayalam Authors
Progressive writers in Malayalam Literature
Women writers in Malayalam Literature
Post Modernism in Malayalam Literature

Manipuri Literature
Literatures of Bishnupriya Manipuri

Marathi literature
Marathi literature
Prose in Marathi literature
Marathi Authors
Regional Literature in Maharashtra

Newari Authors

Oriya literature
Oriya literature
Oriya literature
Oriya Authors
Oriya Language (but a good section on the literature)

Punjabi literature
Punjabi literature
Punjabi literature
A Short History of Punjabi literature
The Backdrop of Punjabi Literature
East Punjabi Literature: At Cross Roads
Punjabi Literature on Partition: Some Observations
Panjabi Authors

Rabha literature

Rajasthani literature
Rajasthani literature

Santhali literature is booming, but needs government help

Sindhi Literature
Sindhi Literature
Sindhi Literature
Sindhi Authors

Sinhalese Authors
A survey of Sinhalese prose literature from ancient times to the modern period

Tamil Literature
Tamil Literature
Modern Era in Tamil Literature
Novel in Twentieth Century Tamil Literature
Tamil Authors

Telugu Literature
Telugu Literature
Telugu Literature
Telugu Literature
Telugu Authors
Classical & Famous Telugu Writers
Political and Social Reality in Telugu Fiction

Urdu Literature
Urdu Literature
Urdu Literature
Urdu Literature in India
The Evolution of Urdu Literature in the 20th Century
Urdu Authors
Will contemporary Urdu novelists please stand up?