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Khushwant Singh was born in 1915 in Hadlai, Punjab. His father, Sir Sobha Singh, was a prominent builder in Delhi. He studied at King’s College, London and read for the Bar at Inner Temple. He practised law in Lahore before entering the Foreign Service in the newly independent India, working in the information and press side. He later worked for All India Radio and UNESCO, before founding various newspapers, where he he was editor. He also served as member of the upper Indian house of parliament. He also wrote numerous books, including fiction and non-fiction. He died in 2014, aged 99.

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1950 The Mark of Vishnu and Other Stories (stories)
1953 The History of Sikhs,
1956 Train to Pakistan (novel)
1957 The Voice of God and Other Stories (stories)
1959 I Shall Not Hear the Nightingale (novel)
1959 The Sikhs Today
1962 The Fall of the Kingdom of the Punjab,
1963 A History of the Sikhs
1963 Ranjit Singh: The Maharaja of the Punjab
1966 Ghadar 1915: India’s first armed revolution,
1967 A Bride for the Sahib and Other Stories (stories)
1971 Black Jasmine (stories)
1971 Banda Bahadur : A Valiant Sikh Warrior (comic)
1984 Tragedy of Punjab
1987 Malicious Gossip
1990 India: An Introduction
1990 Delhi: A Novel (novel)
1991 More Malicious Gossip
1992 Sex, Scotch & Scholarship
1993 Not a Nice Man to Know: The Best of Khushwant Singh
1993 We Indians
1995 Women and Men in My Life
1997 Declaring Love in Four Languages (with Sharda Kaushik)
1999 The Company of Women (novel)
2000 Big Book of Malice
2002 Truth, Love and a Little Malice (autobiography)
2003 The End of India,
2003 Gods and Godmen of India
2004 Burial at the Sea,
2004 Paradise and Other Stories (stories)
2004 A History of the Sikhs: 1469–1838,
2005 Death at My Doorstep
2005 A History of the Sikhs: 1839–2004
2006 The Illustrated History of the Sikhs
2008 Sahibs Who Loved India
2009 Why I Supported the Emergency: Essays and Profiles
2010 The Sunset Club (novel)
2010 Classic Khushwant Singh
2012 Gods and Godmen of India
2012 The Freethinker’s Prayer Book and Some Words To Live By
2012 Agnostic Khushwant: There is no God
2013 Unanswered Prayers
2013 The Good, the Bad and the Ridiculous (with Humra Qureshi)
2013 Khushwantnama, The Lessons Of My Life
2013 The Portrait of a Lady: Collected Stories
2014 On Love and Sex : Selected Writings (with Humra Qureshi)
2014 On Women : Selected Writings (with Humra Qureshi)
2014 On Religion : Selected Writings (with Humra Qureshi)
2014 99: Unforgettable Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry & Humour
2015 Portrait of a Serial Killer : Uncollected Writings
2015 Delhi Through the Seasons
2016 Me, The Jokerman : Enthusiasms, Rants & Obsessions by Khushwant Singh