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Vikram Seth was born in Calcutta in 1952. His mother was a judge and his father an executive in a shoe company. He studied philosophy, politics and economics at Oxford and Stanford Universities as well as spending some time in China studying Chinese poetry. He first achieved success with his novel in verse, The Golden Gate. His novel, A Suitable Boy, for which he earned a million dollar advance, is said to be the longest novel written in English. He has lived in China, California, England, and India. His novels are witty, superbly well written but also romantic without being too mawkish. At one time it looked as though he would take over from Salman Rushdie as the leading Indian novelist but this has not happened.

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Vikram Seth
Vikram Seth
Vikram Seth
Vikram Seth


1981 Mappings (poetry)
1983 From Heaven Lake (travel)
1985 The Humble Administrator’s Garden (poetry)
1986 The Golden Gate (novel)
1990 All You Who Sleep Tonight (poetry)
1992 Beastly Tales From Here And There (poetry)
1992 Three Chinese Poets: Translations of Poems by Wang Wei, Li Bai and Du Fu
1993 A Suitable Boy (novel)
1994 Arion and the Dolphin (children’s book)
1995 The Poems – 1981-1994
1999 An Equal Music (novel)
1999 The Collected Poems
2005 Two Lives (biography)
2012 Summer Requiem: A Book of Poems
202? A Suitable Girl (novel)