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Mahmoud Dowlatabadi


Note that he is variously called, in English, Mahmud Dawlatabadi, Mahmud Doulatabadi and Mahmoud Dowlatabadi. I shall use Mahmoud Dowlatabadi as that is what he is called on the cover of his books in English. Mahmoud Dowlatabadi was born in Dowlatabad, Sabzevar in 1940. He was self-educated, working in the fields, helping his father. As a teenager, he went off to Tehran, where he took acting classes and worked as an actor. He spent a year in prison in 1975. He started writing in his twenties and has written novels, stories and plays. Several of his books have been translated into German.

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Only translations into English

1979 ان سلوچ الخال (Missing Soluch)
2009 زوالِ کلنل (The Colonel) (note that this book was first published in German translation and has not been published in Farsi)
2010 طریق بسمل شدن (Thirst)