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Shūsaku Endō was born in Tokyo in 1923. His family moved to Manchuria but he and his mother returned to Japan when his parents divorced. He was baptised a Catholic in 1934. He started studying at Keio University but did not complete his studies till 1948 as he had to work in a munitions factory during the war. He later studied medicine at Waseda University and French Catholic authors at the University of Lyon. His first novel was published in 1955 and he went on to write many novels, influenced by his Catholic beliefs. He also suffered considerable ill health and this also informs his work. He died in 1996.

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(Only works translated into English)

1955 白い人・黄色い人 (White Man Yellow Man) (two novellas)
1957 海と毒薬 (The Sea and Poison) (novel)
1959 十一の色硝子 (Stained Glass Elegies) (stories)
1959おバカさん (Wonderful Fool) (novel)
1960 火山 (Volcano) (novel)
1964 一・ニ・三! (One, Two, Three!) (novel)
1964 私が棄てた女 (The Girl I Left Behind) (novel)
1966 黄金の国 (The Golden Country (drama)
1966 沈黙 (Silence) (novel)
1969 留学 (Foreign Studies) (novel)
1973 イエスの生涯 (Life of Jesus)
1974 口笛をふく時 (When I Whistle) (novel)
1977 悲しみの歌 (Song of Sadness) (novel)
1979 王妃マリーアントワネット (Marie Antoinette) (biography)
1980 侍 (The Samurai)
1982 女の一生:キクの場合 (Kiku’s Prayer) (novel)
1982 女の一生 (Sachiko) (novel)
1986 スキャンダル (Scandal) (novel)
1993 深河 (Deep River) (novel)
1994 Five by Endo (stories)
2008 The Final Martyrs (stories)