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Gombojav Mend-Ooyo was born in Dariganga, Sükhbaatar, Mongolia, in 1952. He worked as an elementary school teacher and then the editor-in-chief for arts and cultural programmes on Mongolian State radio and television. In 1990, he became the Chief Project Lead and driving force behind the reconstruction of the Migjid Janraisig complex at Gandantegchinlen Monastery in Ulaanbaatar. He began writing poetry at thirteen, and has published some forty books of poetry, essays and fiction.

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(Only books translated into English)

1993 Altan Ovoo (Golden Hill) (novel)
2000 I am coming to you-I (poetry)
2001 I am coming to you-II (poetry)
2005 All Shining Moments (poetry)
2005 The Tale of the Traveling Star (children’s)
2006 Infinite Glare (poetry)
2006 Mend-Ooyo’s Poems (poetry)
2006 The Echo of Humanism poetry)
2007 Nomadic Lyrics (poetry)
2009 A Patch of White Mist (poetry
2015 Shilin Bogd, (The Sacred Mountain) (novel)
2015 Pastures New (poetry)
2017 Forty One Swans (children’s)