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Chadraabalyn Lodoidamba was born in Govi-Altai province in 1917. His father was a cowherd who introduced him to Mongolian folklore. He was sent to a monastery but ran away from it. He graduated from the National University of Mongolia in Mongolian language and literature. He later studied in Moscow. He was Chair of the Afro-Asian Soldiarity Committee and then Minister of Culture till his death in 1970. He initially wrote short stories but is best known for his novel Тунгалаг Тамир [The Clear Tamir], which was seen as the Mongolian Тихий Дон (Part 1: And Quiet Flows the Don; Part 2: The Don Flows Home to the Sea).

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Chadraabalyn Lodoidamba


(only books translated into Western languages)
1962 Тунгалаг Тамир [The Clear Tamir] (novel)