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Georgi Gospodinov


Georgi Gospodinov was born in Yambol in 1968. He earned a doctorate in new Bulgarian literature at the Institute for Literature, with a dissertation on poetry and media. He has been a newspaper columnist and editor of a literary magazine. He has written poetry, stories, criticism and a novel.

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1992 Лапидариум (Lapidarium) (poetry)
1996 Черешата на един народ (poetry)
1999 Естествен роман (Natural Novel) (novel)
2001 И други истории (And Other Stories) (stories)
2003 Писма до Гаустин (poetry)
2005 Поезия и медия (criticism)
2006 Аз живях социализма (with others – stories)
2007 Балади и разпади (poetry)
2007 О, Хенри: 3 коледни истории с илюстрации (stories)
2010 Вечната муха: трагикомикс (comic book)
2011 Апокалипсисът идва в 6 вечерта и D.J. (drama)
2012 Физика на тъгата (The Physics of Sorrow) (novel)
2013 Невидимите кризи (essays)
2013 И всичко стана луна (stories)
2016 Там, където не сме (poetry)
2016 The Story Smuggler (story)
2018 Всичките наши тела (All Our Bodies) (stories)
2020 Времеубежище (Time Shelter) (novel)