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Janos Szekely


Janos Szekely was born in Budapest in 1901. At the age of eighteen, he left to go and live in Berlin, where, under the name of Hans Székely he wrote scripts for silent films. In 1934 Ernst Lubitsch invited him to work in Hollywood and, in 1938, emigrated to the United States, where he again worked as a scriptwriter. He won an Oscar for best story for Arise, My Love. During the McCarthy era he moved to Mexico and then to East Berlin, where he died in 1958. In addition to multiple screenplays he wrote two novels in English using the pseudonym John Pen.

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Janos Szekely
Janos Szekely


1930 You Can’t Do That to Swoboda
1949 Kísértés (Temptation) (novel)