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Witold Gombrowicz was born in Małoszyce in 1904. His family were well-to-do gentry. He studied law at the University of Warsaw and then went to study in Paris. He worked for a while in the legal profession in Poland. He started writing short stories and when they had a certain success, wrote reviews and articles for the press. His first novel, Ferdydurke (Ferdydurke), was published to great acclaim but was also criticised by both the far left and far right. His first play was also published in Poland at that time. At this time he took a boat journey to Buenos Aires. However, war broke out while he was here and he decided to stay. Though he did write, he had to take a variety of jobs to feed himself, finally working in a bank. After the war, he stayed in Buenos Aires, publishing in Buenos Aires and in Paris. He received much criticism from Polish émigré circles as he was not considered serious enough though, when there was a brief political thaw in Poland in 1957, his books sold well there. In 1963, he left Buenos Aires for Berlin and gave an interview to a journalist which was highly critical of the Communist regime, which meant his books could not be published there. The following year he moved to France and got married. However, he was suffering from ill health and died in France in 1969, though much better known than he had been.

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1933 Pamiętnik z okresu dojrzewania
1935 Iwona, ksiezniczka Burgunda (UK: Princess Ivona, US: Ivona, Princess of Burgundia)
1937 Na kuchennych schodach
1937 Ferdydurke (Ferdydurke)
1939 Szczur
1939 Opętani (Possessed or The Secret of Myslotch)
1953 Trans-Atlantyk (Trans-Atlantyk)
1953 Ṡlub (Marriage)
1957 Dziennik 1953-1956 (Diary)
1957 Bakakaj (Bacacay)
1960 Pornografia (Pornografia)
1962 Dziennik 1957-1961 (Diary)
1965 Kosmos (Cosmos)
1966 Dziennik 1961-1966 (Diary)
1966 Operetka (Operetta)
1968 Entretiens avec Gombrowicz (A Kind of Testament)
1969-1977 Dzieła zebrane1969 Rozmowy z Gombrowiczem (with Dominique Roux) (A Kind of Testament)
1977 Wspomnienia polskie. Wędrówki po Argentynie (Polish Memories)
1986-1997 Dzieła
1995 Kurs filozofii w sześć godzin i kwadrans (A Guide To Philosophy In Six Hours And Fifteen Minutes) (first published in French; first published in Polish in 1998)
2002 Autobiografia pošmiertna
2003 Nasz dramat erotyczny
2004 Bestiarium
2004 Czytelnicy i krytycy: Proza, reportaze, krytyka literacka, eseje, przedmowy
2006 O literaturze polskiej
2007 Dziennik. 1, 1953-1958
2007 Dziennik 1953-1969
2021 Dyskusje i polemiki