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Alla Gorbunova was born in 1985 in Leningrad. She graduated with honours from the Faculty of Philosophy of Saint Petersburg University. She has gone on to publish several books of poetry as well as some prose works, one of which has been translated into English.

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2008 Первая любовь, мать Ада (poetry)
2010 Колодезное вино (poetry)
2012 Альпийская форточка (poetry)
2016 Пока догорает азбука: Стихотворения (poetry)
2016 La rosa dell’Angola (poetry)
2017 Вещи и ущи (peotry)
2017 Приказки за смахнати (stories)
2019 Внутри звездопада (poetry)
2020 Конец света, моя любовь It’s the End of the World, My Love) (novel)
2020 Куплеты и гимны (poetry)
2021Другая материя (stories)
2022 Лето (poetry)
2022 Кукушкин мёд (poetry)