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Mikhail Artsybashev


Mikhail Artsybashev was born in 1878 in Akhtyrka. His father was the district police chief. He began writing for the press at the age of sixteen. He initially studied painting but soon took up writing. His first work was Sanin (Sanine) but he put it aside to publish Smert Lande (Ivan Lande) and then revised Sanin (Sanine), which became his best-known and most popular work. He had considerable success as a writer in Russia and eventually turned to writing plays. In 1923 he emigrated to Poland where he edited an anti-Bolshevik newspaper. He died in Warsaw in 1927.

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(Works translated into English only)

1904 Смерть Ланде (Ivan Lande)
1907 Санин (Sanine)
1909 Миллионы (The Millionaire)
1912 У последней черты (Breaking-point)
1913 Война (War) (drama)
1913 Ревность (Jealousy) (drama)
1917 Tales of the Revolution
1923 Дикий (The Savage; The Law of the Savage)