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Andrei Bitov was born in Leningrad in 1937. His earliest memories are of the Siege of Leningrad though he was evacuated in 1942, with his mother and brother, to Tashkent, where his father was working. On returning to Leningrad, he completed school and studied geology but soon became interested in literature. He neglected his studies and had to leave the university. He supported himself with a variety of odd jobs before marrying and returning to his studies. He started writing prose and published several short story collections. However, once he started writing Пушкинский дом (Pushkin House), excerpts of which appeared in various publications, and co-edited the literary almanac Metropol, he fell into disfavour with the Soviet authorities and few of his works were published, though he did work as a scriptwriter for several films. It was not till the fall of the Soviet Union that works such as Пушкинский дом (Pushkin House) were published in Russia. He subsequently becaome a well-known literary commentator. He died in 2018.

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(Works translated into English only)

1978 Пушкинский дом (Pushkin House)
1981 Ten Short Stories
1986 Life in Windy Weather: Short Stories
1993 A Captive of the Caucasus: Journeys in Armenia and Georgia (combines Уроки Армении [Lessons from Armenia] (also available in French as Un Russe en Arménie) and Грузинский альбом [Georgian Album]
1995 Оглашенные (The Monkey Link: A Pilgrimage Novel)
2008 Преподаватель симметрии (The Symmetry Teacher)