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Dmitri Lipskerovy was born in Moscow in 1964. His father was a well-known dramatist and cartoon animator and his mother a music editor. He started his career as a dramatist and had considerable success. He lived in the United States from 1991 to 1993. At this time he moved away from drama to writing novels. His first novel had considerable success and he has gone on to write many more He also owns a successful restaurant in Moscow.

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1997 Сорок лет Чанчжоэ
1998 Пространство Готлиба
2000 Последний сон разума
2001 Родичи
2002 Эдипов комплекс
2002 Русское стакатто — британской матери
2004 Осени не будет никогда
2006 Леонид обязательно умрёт
2007 Школа для эмигрантов (drama)
2008 Демоны в раю
2009 Мясо снегиря
2011 Всякий капитан — примадонна
2013 Теория описавшегося мальчика
2016 О нём и о бабочках (The Tool and the Butterflies)
2019 Туристический сбор в рай