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Dmitry Furmanov was born in Sereda, Nerekhta, in 1891. He studied philology at the university of Moscow. during World War I, he worked as a male nurse. He joined the Communist Party and served as a political commissar in Turkestan. After the civil war, he returned to Moscow, taking a degree in social sciences. He started writing in 1912 but did not publish his first fiction till 1922. He is best known for Чапаев (Chapaev), a novel set in the Civil War, about General Chapaev. He died of meningitis in 1926.

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Dmitry Furmanov
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1922 Красный десант (novella)
1923 Чапаев (Chapaev) (novel)
1923 В восемнадцатом году (novella)
1925 Мятеж (novel)